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Review – ATOLL X Tripod CollarGearReviews

Review – ATOLL X Tripod Collar

While I was initially intrigued by the original ATOLL Tripod Collar, I ended up not using it because of a few practical limitations I experienced such as it being difficult to use while wearing gloves. So how does the newer, improved ATOLL X Tripod Collar stack up?
Review - ATOLL Tripod CollarPhotographyReviews

Review – ATOLL Tripod Collar

I was extremely intrigued when I discovered the ATOLL tripod collar. This new solution promises to replace your L bracket by solving issues such as the limited range of motion of your fully articulating screen & access to the ports on your camera. How does ATOLL hold up and will it replace my L bracket?
Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove
January 26, 2023