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Volcanoes in Iceland

Volcanoes are an extremely fascinating natural phenomenon. They are the most powerful force on our planet, with the unique ability to destroy and create. Volcanoes shape our planet and it’s incredible when we get to experience them moulding a new landscape. During the last years, Jeroen has had the privilege to witness several volcanic eruptions in Iceland, such as the Geldingadalir and Meradalir eruptions. Jeroen has even written a book about the first volcanic eruption he photographed in Iceland. Jeroen also frequently writes about his work surroundings volcanoes, which you can read on his blog. In this gallery, you can see a collection of photographs taken during every volcanic eruption which Jeroen has photographed.

Interested in joining Jeroen on a guided hike to an active volcano? Make sure to check out the Volcano in Iceland page, to see what volcanic activity is currently ongoing, or sign up to his photo workshop waitlist to get notified when guided hikes will take place.