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Icelandic Highlands

One of Europe’s last true wilderness areas is the Central Icelandic Highland. This remote, barren and unique area has always captivated Jeroen’s imagination. It’s difficult to traverse with few roads, which are in poor condition, and many rivers to cross. It’s so unique you can drive through vast black sand deserts, along lush green mountains, hike around crater lakes and ascend otherworldly craters coloured in green, red and black. It’s a place which still gives you the sense of being an explorer, discovering new and untouched places. It’s no wonder Jeroen loves to organise various photo workshops to share the beauty with other, enthusiastic photographers. In this gallery, you can see a collection of photographs taken during the various times Jeroen has explored this wild area.

Interested in joining Jeroen on a photography adventure to the Icelandic Highlands? Make sure to check out all available photo workshops.