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New Earth – A Photographic Journey Of The Geldingadalir Eruption” is a uniquely personal, photography- and experience-focused book. It covers the 2021 Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption in Geldingadalir from the first until the last day it was active.

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What is New Earth about?

When the Geldingadalir eruption of Fagradalsfjall started on March 19th 2021, Jeroen was there with his camera to experience and capture this volcanic event from a front row seat. It was the beginning of a genuine photographic journey which exceeded all his expectations. In this book, Jeroen shares his collection of images taken from day one until the very last day of the eruption. The photographs are strengthened by sharing his story about his experiences whilst photographing the eruption.

The book combines Jeroen’s photography of the eruption with interesting stories on how those photographs came to be. He also shares how this volcanic event left a big impact on him personally and how his experience started evolving together with the eruption.

Read a Sample

Click here to read a sample from New Earth – A Photographic Journey of the Geldingadalir Eruption.


  • Sewn hard cover book, with a square spine, sized at 240 x 170mm in landscape format
  • 142 pages (with ends included)
  • Photographs finished with spot varnish.
  • Contents printed on 170g silk paper.
  • Front- & back cover consists of 2,4mm boards with printed coated paper. Finished matt lamination & UV relief gloss varnish.
  • ISBN: 978-9935-25-034-6
  • Released on December 10th 2021.


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26 reviews for New Earth


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  1. Peter Kress (verified owner)

    Actually this book deserves more than 5 stars! It evokes so many wonderful memories of our travels to volcanic destinations. Of course one was Iceland – spectacular, but with no eruption – Lanzarote with the Timanfaya, Tenerife with the Teide, and most spectacular Hawaii with Mauna Kea, Kilauea, Pu’u O’o and many more. Highlight was a helicopter flight over an active crater and being very close to a lava flow pouring into the sea.
    Our pictures are not close to the quality of yours. Therefore your book has a prominent place on our coffee table and it also helps to illustrate the tales of our adventures to our grandchildren.
    All I can say is: Thank you!

  2. Gaëtan

    I got to know Jeroen while he was still living in Belgium ages ago. His work was one of the key factors why I decided to delve into photography. This book, which can be summarized as a beautiful passion project, contains some of his greatest pictures. It serves as a great introduction to Jeroen’s personal story and his journey so far, but that’s not the main selling point. The beauty of this work lies in the fact that it makes you want to go out and explore for yourself. To see what this new (and old) earth has to offer. Highly recommended.

  3. Zinnie (verified owner)

    WIsh I was there. But with that said, at my age I could not have gotten those stunning photos. My daughter the geologist now owns the book. We walked on this area nine days before the most recent earthquake and were mesmerized.

  4. Rhiannon

    A beautifully written & photographed diary of the eruption.

    I literally felt like I was on the journey with Jeroen, waiting with anticipation as to what would happen next.

    A perfect balance of photography techniques and information, combined with words that bring the experience alive.

    I was fortunate enough to travel with Jeroen during an Iceland highlands workshop in 2022, where we visited the Meradalir eruption. In person his enthusiasm and interest in these eruptions is evident and I can’t wait to see what comes next in his career.

  5. Jim Luypaert

    Excellent book. It is very wel written, but what I like the most about it is the passion you can almost feel through the pages. The shots are without a doubt amazing and leave you in awe of what nature can do the book in general is not just a book it is an experience

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