Hello. My name is Jeroen.

I’m a Belgian landscape photographer - living in Reykjavík, Iceland - with a passion for landscape, aerial and wildlife photography.

Contrasting Landscapes in Iceland
Iceland is my home and I've collected an abundance of landscape photographs over the years. This island is such an amazing place full of contrasts. It's unbelievable how many different kinds of landscapes you can see in a short distance but also how these places change completely between seasons. It's always refreshing and different to visit the same places in different conditions.
Sailboat Adventure in Svalbard
During the summer of 2019, I ventured to the remote archipelago of Svalbard with Puffins Travel. We travelled throughout Spitsbergen, leaving from the town of Longyearbyen and headed to 78° North in a beautiful sailboat. Along the way, we explored the many fjords and glacier outlets and encountered various wildlife along the way.
Bird- & Wildlife
It can be very difficult and trying to photograph bird- and wildlife. It usually takes a lot of patience and perseverance but it’s so rewarding when you finally get that one great capture from your bucket list. Some of these animals took me several attempts to capture nicely.
Aerial & Drone
Sometimes you need a bird's eye view to see how exceptionally beautiful some seemingly ordinary places can be. Whether it's a huge braided river or cracked glacier, they can look much more stunning from air. I regularly use a drone to capture some of these places from the air but I also try to photograph from a small airplane when I can. It's such a different experience to see this top-down view in person, rather than through a screen.
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