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About Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove

Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove is an award-winning Belgian Icelandic landscape and wildlife photographer who is located in Reykjavík, Iceland. In 2016, he threw his life upside down and moved to Iceland. The past years, he dedicated most of his photography to documenting the Central Highlands and volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Most recently, he has received international attention for his dedication and work at the Fagradalsfjall eruptions. He even self-published a book covering the events of the Geldingadalir volcanic eruption from day one.


Learn More About Jeroen’s Work

Using the links below, you can discover more about Jeroen’s work, story, gear and more.

Jeroen’s Story

How Jeroen ended up finding his passion for photography, sold all his belongings & migrated to Iceland.

Jeroen’s Gear

A list of all of the gear that Jeroen uses when taking photos & producing videos.

Awards & Certifications

A list of awards, nominations, certifications & selections throughout Jeroen’s career.

Publications & Press

A list of (press) publications produced by or involving Jeroen.