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Yesterday I attended the 2023 Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) Awards in Prague. I am proud to announce that I had the pleasure to receive the Silver Award (second place) in the Nature category for three of my photographs of the Fagradalsfjall eruptions in Iceland during 2021 & 2022. The photographs involved are Hraunhjarta, Skýjasnúningur and Meradalagos. Each photograph received an Excellence award. It’s a great honour to be recognised on a European level for my photography in this way.

In addition I some of my other photographs also received Merit and Distinction awards.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in these past two years (and of course before that), whether it has been by simply following my work, sending me encouraging messages, buying a book or a print, … Every little bit of encouragement helped me get to where I am at today.

I would also like to use this opportunity to congratulate all the other finalists and winners in each category. It has been an incredible pleasure to be in the company of so many great photographers.

For those who are interested, it’s possible to see all the competition results on the FEP website.

FEP Awards 2023 - Silver Award in Category Nature (& More!)

Which Photographs Were Awarded?

Three photographs of my work at Fagradalsfjall’s two most recent volcanic eruptions got award Excellence awards: Hraunhjarta, Skýjasnúningur and Meradalagos.

I also received a Distinction award for Sandsíli and a few Merit awards for my other submitted work.

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About My Photography at the Fagradalsfjall Eruptions

When the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland began erupting in early 2021 after a 7000 year slumber, I decided to hike out there on the very first day. I could not have imagined it was the beginning of a massive photographic undertaking which, among other things, resulted in the self-publication of my first book called ‘New Earth’. In total I hiked 52 times to both eruptions to capture all perspectives of this incredible, life-changing natural phenomenon. It has been an incredible source of inspiration and motivation.

What Is the FEP?

The FEP, Federation of European Professional Photographers, is an internationally respected, not for profit qualifying organisation for photographers since 1999, supporting and networking with photographers and governments worldwide. FEP represents over 50.000 professional image-makers in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom through their national associations. They also have some individual members in Estonia, Greece, Poland, Republic of Moldova and Switzerland, that are countries not represented by national associations.

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Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove

Jeroen is an award-winning Belgian photographer based in Iceland. The past years, he dedicated his photography to the Central Highlands & volcanic eruptions. Most recently, he received international attention for his work at the Fagradalsfjall volcano.

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