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New Earth – A Photographic Journey Of The Geldingadalir Eruption” is a uniquely personal, photography- and experience-focused book. It covers the 2021 Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption in Geldingadalir from the first until the last day it was active.

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What is New Earth about?

When the Geldingadalir eruption of Fagradalsfjall started on March 19th 2021, Jeroen was there with his camera to experience and capture this volcanic event from a front row seat. It was the beginning of a genuine photographic journey which exceeded all his expectations. In this book, Jeroen shares his collection of images taken from day one until the very last day of the eruption. The photographs are strengthened by sharing his story about his experiences whilst photographing the eruption.

The book combines Jeroen’s photography of the eruption with interesting stories on how those photographs came to be. He also shares how this volcanic event left a big impact on him personally and how his experience started evolving together with the eruption.

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Click here to read a sample from New Earth – A Photographic Journey of the Geldingadalir Eruption.


  • Sewn hard cover book, with a square spine, sized at 240 x 170mm in landscape format
  • 142 pages (with ends included)
  • Photographs finished with spot varnish.
  • Contents printed on 170g silk paper.
  • Front- & back cover consists of 2,4mm boards with printed coated paper. Finished matt lamination & UV relief gloss varnish.
  • ISBN: 978-9935-25-034-6
  • Released on December 10th 2021.


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26 reviews for New Earth


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  1. Margo

    Jeroen, congratulations on this amazing book. You have undoubtedly worked hard on this for many hours and the result is impressive, it has become a real page turner!

    The fascinating and passionate writing style in combination with the beautiful photos makes it seem as if you are being teleported to the site of the volcanic eruption itself with Jeroen as your guide.

    I had the pleasure to view the volcanic eruption with Jeroen and it was really one of my best travel experiences EVER. That’s why I’m so happy with this book, it always reminds me of the power and beauty of the Icelandic nature I witnessed, as well as the enthusiasm of Jeroen while telling me about how they eruption begun, how it evolved and what to expect in the future.

    What I expect for the future are many more beautiful photo books of Jeroen. I am eagerly looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work!

  2. Douwe Struiksma (verified owner)

    I have read your book ‘New Earth’ and of course I saw the pictures: very impressive your adventure at the Geldingadalir eruption.
    Specially the images you made with the drone give very creative patterns of the eruption, very nice.
    That’s also the story from making the first pictures to – in a certain way – live in the eruption.
    We, my wife and I, visited Iceland three times, every time we were impressed by nature.

  3. Eddy Decroix

    Prachtig oeuvre van een toegewijde fotograaf

  4. André Bernier

    I savored Jeroen’s journey as if I was the one making each hike to experience the Fagradalsfjall eruption. It was easy to do since his journaling style painted such a vivid picture of each unique hike with such definition that the reader could not help to feel as though that WE were on each hike. I read the book slowly since New Earth was on my nightstand. A little bit every night. I wanted to savor each visit to the volcano. Honestly, I simply did not want the book to end!

  5. Peter Schmidt

    I visited Fagradalsfjall volcano at the end of September 2021. Unfortunately, I could not reach the crater due to heavy storms. But the lava spouts gave an impression of the power and fascination of the event. The book by Jeroen is an impressive documentation of the eruption with many outstanding pictures. You can see the effort and passion of Jeroen to publish this book. I can only recommend it to everyone.

  6. -Sven!-

    When I heard about the Reykjanes Eruption, I checked the live streams daily and found locals to follow their social media profiles for the latest updates. That’s how I came across Jeroen and heard about his idea of crowdfunding his book about the visits to the eruption site. I liked his pictures and the way he told the story behind them, so it was immediately clear that I would support this project. At least since our more or less “accidental” meeting at the volcano, it was clear to me that this book would meet or even exceed my expectations: I’ve had the book in front of me since Christmas and I can only recommend everyone to follow Jeroen on his photographic journey of the Geldingadalir Eruption!

  7. Dirk Van Nieuwenhove

    I am flabergasted by the perfectly balanced sharing of your personal experience and at the same time sharing helpfull info for fellow photographers. I can’t even begin to speculate how extreme these encounters have been but you documented them perfectly. Your testimony became our closest encounter to experiencing what you so magnificently documented for us, by-standers and enthousiats! This book just has the perfect balance and is accesible for all who have Ísland embedded in their heart. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us in writing. No doubt one of many books to follow from your side! Takk fyrir! 🙏

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