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When I’m not out photographing, I find I am spending a lot of time looking at what fellow photographers are doing. I’m doing that to get inspired, to learn new techniques or to enjoy the photographic work that many other talented people are putting out there. In this blog, I listed up 5 photographers whose work I thoroughly enjoy. Whether it’s because they make great and inspiring photographs or because they have interesting thoughts to share on landscape photography (or both). I listed them in no particular order. Give them a follow if you enjoy their work as much as I do.

1. Thomas Heaton

First on my list is Thomas Heaton, a Britain-based landscape photographer. I first discovered him via YouTube, where he has a channel filled with super interesting landscape photography related videos. He does a great blend of on-location videos, taking you along on his photography journey, and in-studio explanatory videos. He has taught me a lot on how to approach certain scenes on-location and how to tackle the editing afterwards. His channel is one of the few I have notifications on for. The awesome YouTube content aside, the quality of his photographic work is simply outstanding. On a side note: he released his first book last year. I recommend checking it out, especially when you’re first starting out as a landscape photographer.

Links to Thomas’ website & social media channels:

2. Gábor Nagy

Hungary-based photographer Gábor Nagy is next up on my list. Lately, he has been quickly gaining a lot of international attention in- and outside the photography world lately with his stunning work. He specialises in a minimalistic form of landscape photography and specialises in the winter and autumn seasons. Like me, he has a big love for Iceland but also regularly frequents amazing locations such as the Dolomites, the High Tatras and Madeira. My favourites among his work are the various abstract drone photographs he makes.

Links to Gábor’s website & social media channels:

3. Andy Mumford

Andy Mumford is a British landscape photographer, which is nowadays based in Portugal. I first discovered his work through YouTube, where he has a great channel going filled with landscape photography-related videos, combined with review videos on Fuji X series cameras. His landscape photography regularly takes him to the Dolomites, Tuscany and Iceland. There’s a lot to love about his landscape photography but I tremendously enjoy his winter wide-angle captures. I recommend checking out his recent work gallery.

Links to Andy’s website & social media channels:

4. Jonas Beyer

Jonas Beyer is a Danish wildlife photographer. He first caught my eye on Instagram with his unbelievable underwater orca photographs. While those captures drew me in initially, it’s the never-ending stream of beautiful wildlife photography that keeps me scrolling through his feed. From penguins in Antarctica, to gorillas in Africa, ending with musk oxen and arctic foxes in Greenland. What I admire most about him and his work, is that he is a self-taught photographer like me. One thing’s for sure, he deserves many more people following his work!

Links to Jonas’ website & social media channels:

5. Arnar Kristjánsson & Simona Buratti

This list can not be complete without mentioning Arnar & Simona, the faces behind Beyond The Lands. Both based in Iceland, they create some of the most impressive Iceland imagery there is to offer. Their work mostly shows off hidden and lesser known places in the country. What I appreciate most about their work, aside from the effort it takes to find all these beautiful hidden spots, is the grand sense of scale they are able to display. They achieve this in most photographs by placing themselves in the shot.

Links to Arnar’s & Simona’s website & social media channels:

What do you think? Who do you think deserves a spot on this list? Let me know in the comments! I would love to discover a few new photographers.

Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove

Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove

My name is Jeroen. I’m a Belgian landscape & wildlife photographer and guide living in Reykjavík, Iceland.