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It’s that time of year again! Starting right now, everything on my website is sold until midnight coming Monday with discounts up to 50%! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your photography skills, plan your own trip to Iceland or are looking for a photographic gift for your loved ones, I’ve got you covered.

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E-Books – 50% Off

Did you buy a new drone and want to learn how to get the best photographs? Or maybe you are planning a photography trip to Iceland? Both of my e-books are 50% off!

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Photo Calendars – 15% Off

This year I released not one, not two but three calendars: a regulara puffins-themed and a volcano-themed calendar. Each one is a perfect holiday gift! All of my calendars are produced & shipped regionally which means exuberant import and shipping fees do not apply to them for most people.

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New Earth – 20% Off

This beautiful book combines my photos of the 2021 eruption in Iceland with interesting stories on how those photos came to be. I share how this volcanic event left a big impact on me personally and how my experience started evolving together with the eruption. A perfect gift under the Christmas tree!

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Black Friday Sales Ends In…

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As an independent photographer, Jeroen partially relies on your support to keep producing worthwhile content such as blogs, photographs, books and much more. If you want to support his work, it is possible to do so by buying his e-books & books, prints or calendars.

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Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove

Jeroen is an award-winning Belgian photographer based in Iceland. The past years, he dedicated his photography to the Central Highlands & volcanic eruptions. Most recently, he received international attention for his work at the Fagradalsfjall volcano.

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