Nature Drone Photography (E-Book)

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This 99-page educational e-book is a complete guide for both aspiring & experienced nature drone photographers. I explore a multitude of useful knowledge and skills while explaining in detail how I capture all of my drone photographs.

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This 99-page educational e-book is a complete guide for both aspiring & experienced nature drone photographers. In this e-book, I explore useful knowledge, tips, skills, techniques, compositional ideas and more. With this guide, you get deep insight into my process when creating aerial photographs.

What to Expect?

  • 99-page educational PDF about nature drone photography with very detailed explanations and plenty of examples
  • Which drone to get for photography and why
  • Important settings and configuration options 
  • A list of useful skills & tips
  • How to research locations for drone photography
  • How to compose with a drone and insight into my thought process
  • Thoughtfully planning ahead for your drone shoot
  • The how and why of creating bracketed images
  • The how and why of shooting HDR panoramas
  • What challenges you might face and how to deal with them
  • How to stitch your panoramas together

Good to Know

While the vast majority of this e-book can be applied to any drone, it is focused on drones capable of taking RAW photographs.

This is not a physical book but an e-book (PDF). The e-book is for personal use only. Please do not share this e-book as I have spent a lot of time, energy and effort creating it. The download link can be used 5 times.


This e-book has been updated in the past and might be updated in the future. Every purchase will always get access to the latest version of the e-book.

  • 08/05/23: Added information on overlapping with wider lenses, unnecessary accessories, information on USB-C charging, link to useful weather website for planning flights, information on the influence of geomagnetic activity, more compositional examples and information on different lens types. Updated sensor size drawing with new models. Improvements to some texts based on feedback.
  • 21/12/22: added more composition examples, location research examples and information on flying restrictions. I also improved some text based on feedback.
  • 15/12/22: initial publication


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8 reviews for Nature Drone Photography (E-Book)


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  1. Leclercq julien (verified owner)

    Bought a drone a while back and it’s been sitting on table cause I always got overwhelmed with all the YouTube tutorial .. and get lost. But this has changed ! This Ebook is all I wished for , well structured, complete information, very clear and easy to understand. It’s a game changer for me. Get your copy ASAP ☺️

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