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If you’ve always wanted to experience Iceland with a local or through your passion for photography, the tours on this page might be something for you. I offer guided hikes to the eruption in Geldingadalir and scheduled tours in both Dutch & English. Below, you can also find a few testimonies about me as guide.

Guided Tours & Events

Below you can find information on how to book me for a guided hike around the eruption in Geldingadalir and a list of all upcoming scheduled guided tours & other events.

Gegidste IJslandreizen in het Nederlands

Op zoek naar een groeps- of privé avontuur in IJsland? Als professioneel fotograaf en gids werk ik samen met Puffins, een gelicentieerd reisbureau in Knokke (België).

Op hun website kan je terecht voor alle afreisdata die beschikbaar zijn voor groepsreizen en reizen in privé gezelschap. Ook fotografen die op zoek zijn naar een gegidste fotografie-specifieke reis kunnen daar terecht.

Meer informatie over de beschikbare reizen

Upcoming Guided Tours in English

There are currently no guided tours in English scheduled.

Private Eruption Hikes

The eruption in Geldingadalir on the Reykjanes Peninsula has captivated the imagination of people around the world. I was fortunate enough to be there on the very first day and have been there countless times since it began. What better way to experience the eruption than with the personal touch of a local guide who is also a photographer?!

What You Can Expect

Together we will visit the eruption for about 5 to 6 hours, where I will be explaining you how the eruption came to be and what has happened since it started. I will provide you with hiking poles and headlights (if we go during the evening or night) and I will take a few professional photographs of you at the eruption, which you get to keep as a souvenir. When needed, I will provide a free pick-up within Reykjavík, Grindavík or Keflavík.

How Can I Book?

It’s possible to send me a booking request for a private guided to the eruption in Geldingadalir below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Upcoming Events



    Noorderland – Fototentoonstelling in CC Asse (België)

    Zeven jaar na zijn eerste tentoonstelling, documenteert Jeroen vanuit zijn nieuwe thuisbasis in IJsland nog steeds de pure schoonheid die de rauwe natuur rond en boven de poolcirkel te bieden heeft. Met zijn nieuwe project ‘Noorderland’ schetst hij een fotografisch beeld van Spitsbergen, Groenland en IJsland. Bewonder de steeds meer onder druk staande Arctische regio’s voor ze onherroepelijk veranderen. In mei 2021 haalde Jeroen de wereldpers met zijn foto’s van de IJslandse vulkaanuitbarsting. Klasse van Asse… op een internationale schaal!

    Vernissage op 23.03.2022 van 19.30 uur tot 21.30 uur in de foyer van het CC. De tentoonstelling is te bezoeken tijdens de openingsuren van het CC en Bib.

    Previous Events

    14:00 – 14:45

    Photographing the Geldingadalir Eruption

    A talk in the Canon Young Talent Room on the Photo Days in Brussels, Belgium, about my experiences while photographing the eruption in Geldingadalir, Iceland.


    Infoavond IJslandreizen met Puffins

    Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove, onze lokale gids in IJsland, komt naar België op bezoek.

    Iedereen van harte welkom voor een informele en gezellige meet & greet @ Puffins: Maaiken 40, 8300 Knokke.

    Vuur al je vragen af en geniet van exclusieve beelden van de vulkaanuitbarsting Fagradalsfjall en het IJsland van Jeroen. Tijdens deze avond ontdek je alles over ons aanbod IJslandreizen in kleine groepjes.


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      Testimonies & Reviews

      John Van Marcke – Photographer

      I landed in Iceland with the main goal to see the erupting volcano up-close. Before my trip, I came in contact with Jeroen and asked him if it was possible to book a private guided trip. Because he is one of the few photographers who has been following this eruption since it began, he was the perfect candidate to guide me. Jeroen showed me around the eruption. The scenery was breathtaking but also Jeroen’s personal anecdotes and explanations were a great addition to my experience. He is not only passionate about telling you the story behind the eruption but he also lets you also walk at your own pace without looking at his watch as I have experienced on other organised tours. Because he has a lot of drone flying experience over the volcano, he was even prepared to fly my drone. He flew over the crater, taking pictures and videos since I only had 2 hours of prior flying experience. If you are looking for a personal and unique guided tour, I would really recommend this great guide. For me personally, he earns without a doubt 5 stars!

      Went on a private guided eruption hike in September 2021

      Sofie Vanmaele – Founder & Owner of Puffins

      If you choose to live abroad and change the course of your life because of the passion for a certain place, authenticity should not be questioned.

      But Jeroen also proved himself to be a very skilled guide soliciting trust behind the wheels of the 4×4 crossing rivers and challenging terrain, and enriching your Iceland visit with those off the beaten path gems and an unquestionable knowledge. It is a true pleasure to work with Jeroen, who is also a very amiable people’s person apart from an inspiring photographer.

      Took part in a tour with Puffins during November 2019

      Koen De Troyer – Photographer

      It became clear that Jeroen is very familiar with the beauty of Iceland, but also with the possible dangers of its natural elements. He took us to the highlights, but also guided us to a number of hidden marvels. And always he knew something interesting to tell about the location. On the creativity side, Jeroen did not intervene at all on location – unless requested for. So we all could explore our own creativity. This definitely tastes for more. And I will definitely call Jeroen again.

      Took part in a tour during March 2016 & a tour with Puffins in November 2019

      Mattijs Schrama – Photographer

      I wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip last year in Iceland. Especially as you guided us not only to the most beautiful locations but also made sure we got there in a safe and responsible way. Your knowledge of the environment, the country and how to navigate it have made the trip even more special than I had expected. It was a privilege to travel through Iceland together with you.

      Took part in a tour with Puffins during November 2019

      Adinda Mattens – Photographer

      It was a pleasure to have a look behind the scences on how Jeroen works. His photos look so natural as he knows where to be in the right place at the right time. I’ve received a lot of professional advice and feedback on how to create stunning landscape images. You did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough!

      Took part in a tour during November 2017

      Stefaan Moens – Photographer

      If you want to explore Iceland with your camera you’re blessed with a guide like Jeroen. He knows and understands the country so well. He really makes an effort to visit every location at the best possible moment of the day. He knows so many beautiful locations so that he’s also able to improvise when the weather conditions are not that great. He will bring you to lots of beautiful places that are less touristic and where you can take the time to fully explore your camera trying to capture this unique landscape.

      Took part in a tour during March 2016