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Photography Workshops & Events

Always wanted to experience Iceland and Greenland through your passion for photography? The photography workshops and private day tours on this page might be something for you. Additionally, in the Events section you can find a list of upcoming exhibitions and lectures. Finally, you can also find testimonies of Jeroen’s work as a guide and workshop leader.

Upcoming Photo Workshops

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Puffins in the Midnight Sun with Anja Robanke

Dates: 13/06/2023 – 18/06/2023 (SOLD OUT)

Greenland Midnight Sun Workshop With Nigel Danson

Dates: 21/06/2023 – 27/06/2023 (SOLD OUT)

Highlands of Iceland with Mads Peter Iversen

Dates: 31/07/2023 – 07/08/2023 (SOLD OUT)

Iceland Highlands in Summer with Andy Mumford

Dates: 14/08/2023 –  23/08/2023 (SOLD OUT)

Winter in Iceland with Mads Peter Iversen

Dates: 18/11/2023 – 26/11/2023 (SOLD OUT)


Photography Workshop with Nigel Danson to Antarctica

Dates: 16/02/2024 – 27/02/2024 (Limited availability)

Iceland in Winter with Andy Mumford

Dates: 12/03/2024 – 20/03/2024 (SOLD OUT)

Iceland Highlands in Summer with Andrea Livieri

Dates: 06/07/2024 – 13/07/2024 (3 spots left!)

Iceland Highlands in Summer with Andy Mumford

Dates: 11/08/2024 – 20/08/2024 (SOLD OUT)

Eastern Greenland Fjords with Andy Mumford

Dates: 21/08/2024 – 28/08/2024 (SOLD OUT)

Iceland in Winter with Andy Mumford

Dates: 13/11/2024 – 21/11/2024 (Sign up to the waitlist)

This workshop has not yet opened for entries. However, you can already register for the waitlist. More information to be announced at a later date.

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Upcoming Events

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There are currently no events planned. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on upcoming events and exhibitions.

Private Tours

As a photographer, Jeroen loves being outdoors and helping people improve their photography. Therefore, he offers custom private day tours focused on photography, leaving from Reykjavík. The focus of these day tours can be photography when desired. During such day tours, Jeroen will be your (photography) guide for an entire day, bringing you to less frequented locations and explaining how he tackles photographing these locations. As a photographer specialised in drone photography, he can help you improve your drone skills too.

If you are looking for custom private multi-day day tours focused on photography, I can also organise that for you. For such tours I work together with a local, fully-licensed and established travel agency.

How Can I Enquire About a (Multi-)Day Tour?

It’s possible to send an enquiry via the form below.

Testimonies & Reviews

“… The itinerary was well thought out, but allowed for flexibility of weather conditions and the eruption of Meradalir! Jeroen is knowledgeable, helpful, thoughtful & has a great sense of humour. He regularly checked-in with us to all make sure we were happy and offered assistance in our photography, especially for drones. I felt safe, entertained & learned so much during the workshop. The accommodation & food during the trip were also amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or attend another workshop.”

Rhiannon Lawler (Google Review)
Highlands Photo Workshop in August 2022

“Had made an appointment with Jeroen to watch the eruption of the volcano Fagradalsfjall. At the time of appointment, October 10, there was no active lava flow. Jeroen suggested to photograph a non-touristic geothermal area to complete the experience of the booked day. Still went to see the volcano and got a lot of information about it. I can highly recommend Jeroen because he adapts the program to the needs of the customer.”

Mario Valkenborg (Google Review)
Private Guided Eruption Hike in October 2021

“… Everything about it was excellent – it is clear that Jeroen puts huge effort into ensuring he provides a first class experience for his participants – the itinerary was thorough, but flexible to get the best out of the weather and volcanic eruption conditions. Jeroen ensures that everybody is safe (important in such an environment) as well as maintaining a pace that works for all. On top of this, his knowledge about Iceland is broad and deep making him an excellent tour guide as well as an accomplished photographer. I can highly recommend a workshop or tour with Jeroen and I do hope that I get to enjoy another workshop with him in the future.”

Jon Ames (Google Review)
Highlands Photo Workshop in August 2022

“Jeroen guided us to the active Fagradalsfjall volcano. He found a good hiking trail: easier, more quiet and with better view. We felt safe with him. We learned a lot about the eruption of this volcano and about the amazing nature of Iceland. The best guide for Iceland.”

Mie Veranneman (Google Review)
Private Guided Eruption Hike in July 2021

“Als gids is Jeroen een fantastisch totaalpakket! Weet alles, is persoonlijk betrokken, legt het heel bevattelijk uit, zorgzaam, goed voorbereid, niet gebonden aan uren of tijdslimiet én hij bezorgt je nadien ook nog prachtige foto’s. Sir Tanxalot!”

Arne Van Staeyen (Google Review)
Private Guided Eruption Hike in August 2021

“… Imagine being taken to locations so amazing that the erupting volcano wasn’t even one of the top 5. This was an EPIC adventure through a place traversed by few people. We had the guidance and support needed to capture amazing photos and learn to use our drones effectively, incredible food and accommodations, and access to Jeroen’s incredible wealth of knowledge to keep us safe in face of unstable cliffs, weird weather, and other craziness. I can’t wait to join another tour with Jeroen.”

Richard Samuels (Google Review)
Highlands Photo Workshop in August 2022

“Super sympathieke gids/fotograaf met kennis van zaken. We zijn met Jeroen naar de uitbarstende vulkaan geweest; met veel enthousiasme gidste hij ons en vertelde vol passie over de natuur en fotografie in IJsland. Een aanrader!”

Petra Viaene (Google Review)
Private Guided Eruption Hike in September 2021

“It was a pleasure to have a look behind the scences on how Jeroen works. His photos look so natural as he knows where to be in the right place at the right time. I’ve received a lot of professional advice and feedback on how to create stunning landscape images. You did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough!”

Adinda Mattens (Google Review)
Private Photography Tour in November 2017

“It became clear that Jeroen is very familiar with the beauty of Iceland, but also with the possible dangers of its natural elements. He took us to the highlights, but also guided us to a number of hidden marvels. And always he knew something interesting to tell about the location. On the creativity side, Jeroen did not intervene at all on location – unless requested for. So we all could explore our own creativity. This definitely tastes for more. And I will definitely call Jeroen again.”

Koen De Troyer (Google Review)
Private Photography Tour in March 2016

“Jeroen showed us around the eruption site in Iceland and not only was he by far the most knowledgable guide I could have asked for, he was also incredible patient, conscientious and friendly. He was easy to talk to and also incredibly reassuring when the hike got tougher on the way down. I wish I could be back there doing it all over again!”

Jacob Arnold (Google Review)
Private Guided Hike to the Eruption in September 2021

“… It was one of the most wonderful trips of adventure, exhilaration mixed with wonder and awe of the surrounding beauty. None of that would have been possible without the expert guidance, local knowledge, sense of enthusiasm and detailed planning by Jeroen. We were lucky to him as an expert driver while we wondered over terrain that is unfamiliar to most people, but Jeroen made us feel confidant that we were in safe hands. Moreover his love for photography, landscape and culture of Iceland is contagious and made the trip all the more special. Whether you call him the “Volcano man” or the “drone man” his photography is extraordinary. I would go back in a heartbeat to spend time exploring more of Iceland with him.”

Sarfraz Durrani (Google Review)
Highlands Photo Workshop in August 2022

“Jeroen took us on a private day trip to the Reykjanes Peninsula, as an insider he knows all the places and so he can tell you a lot about it. He knows a lot about the local geology and has some funny anecdotes on living in Iceland. Me and my girlfriend had an amazing time and got to places that weren’t on our radar. Jeroen is skilled guide and I would recommend him! Thank you Jeroen we had a great day!”

Folmer Lycklama à Nijeholt (Google Review)
Private Day Tour in November 2021

“Op reis in IJsland 1 van de 23 Belgen tegen gekomen die daar leven en werken: de super sympathieke fotograaf en gids Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove, die ons – compleet last minute – meenam naar de actieve Fagradalsfjall vulkaan, vlakbij Grindavik. Als je ‘s nachts naar een vulkaan en terug wandelt, is een goede gids alles behalve een luxe. Hij is bovendien een waterval aan verhalen, weetjes en inzichten rond vulkanen en trotse papa. Bijzonder mooie avond!”

Jurgen Wauman (Google Review)
Private Guided Eruption Hike in September 2021

“… And my expectations of his guided tour were indeed the highlight of my short vacation. Not only the sights where breathtaking but also Jeroen’s personal anecdotes and explanation in an easy way over this ever changing landscape building itself was a great surplus to my hiking experience. He is not only passionate about telling you the story behind the views that unfolds before your eyes during the hike, but he lets you also walk at your own pace without looking to his watch as on many other organised larger tours. So folks if you look for an unique guided personal tour, I would really recommend this great guide. From me personally he earns withouth doubt 5* !”

John Van Marcke (Facebook Review)
Private Guided Eruption Hike in October 2021

“If you want to explore Iceland with your camera you’re blessed with a guide like Jeroen. He knows and understands the country so well. He really makes an effort to visit every location at the best possible moment of the day. He knows so many beautiful locations so that he’s also able to improvise when the weather conditions are not that great. He will bring you to lots of beautiful places that are less touristic and where you can take the time to fully explore your camera trying to capture this unique landscape.”

Stefaan Moens (Google Review)
Private Photography Tour in March 2016

“Jeroen, ik wilde je graag bedanken voor de prachtige trip in IJsland.Vooral omdat je ons niet alleen tot bijzonder mooie plekjes bracht, maar er steeds voor zorgde dat het op een veilige en verantwoorde manier gebeurde. Je kennis van de omgeving en het land en hoe er doorheen te navigeren hebben de trip nog veel specialer gemaakt dan ik had verwacht. Het was een privilege om met jou door IJsland te mogen reizen.”

Mattijs Schrama (Review via Puffins Travel)
South Coast Winter Tour in November 2019